Why Buy Historic ?

The Phoenix area’s 24 historic districts have enjoyed an increase in popularity over the last several years, due to a variety of reasons:


Most of the Valley’s historic homes are situated in the Central/Downtown area, making them ideal for commuting to and from downtown offices.

Style & Character

Historic properties are full of the style and warmth that most of us grew up with. The neighborhoods seem almost familiar to us, evoking a feeling of having been here before or of belonging. That’s the way I felt, anyway, and I understand that others feel the same “pull” that I felt when deciding to relocate in one of our districts. For me, the tree-lined streets make driving through these neighborhoods pleasant.The homes are diverse in architecture, style and size, as well as history. Folks can be seen weeding their flower gardens or walking their dogs and I can’t help but feel that all of us here share this wonderful bond, the love of these homes !!!

Tax Benefits

There are also some wonderful tax benefits available to the owners of Historic Properties. Information may be found on The State Historic Preservation Office’s website


It’s not difficult to understand the differences in construction between homes built today and the properties built 50-90 years ago. Plaster walls, brick (or double brick construction) and beautiful finish work are classic signs of our historic homes. Thump a wall sometime and you’ll see !!!

Value & Appreciation

The historic properties in Phoenix have and continue to appreciate at a higher rate than most other areas in the valley mainly due to the above mentioned reasons. There is a tremendous value in locating yourself where others want to be and from buying a property that isn’t a duplicate of the house next door !!!

Any way you choose to reason why the Historic Districts of Phoenix are going to be your new “home”, it’s up to you… We’re just glad you decided to be our neighbor !!!